Passing arguments from WF to Main

Hi guys!

I’m facing a problem I can’t understand!
That’s my Main:
As you can see, all my workflows are listed in Main as a straight line.

I have a workflow that the last step generates a Boolean.

This Boolean was created as an Argument (Out) in my sequence.

What I basically need is to get this Boolean and insert an IF before the next workflow. IF (this Boolean is true), invoke next workflow, ELSE blabla!

How to pass the argument from the Workflow AbrirModulo (it’s name) to Main (not to another Workflow)?


Hi @vip.thsantos ,
From AbrirModulo - make it out argument as bool.
invoke AbrirModulo in Main workflow and store the value in variable in main workflow


Curious why you are using all these Invokes. It just complicates things, as you have now found out.


Create a Boolean variable in the main workflow.
Open Import arguments of invoke Abrirmodulo workflow.
Assign Boolean variable to out argument.

Hope this will resolve your issue.

It’s kind of… I just did that way because I feel it becomes more “organized”. Personal feeling… haha!

Having to deal with all the in and out arguments is less organized.

I’d change every Invoke Workflow to a Sequence and build the steps right there. No arguments to deal with, and just as organized.

I’m not sure if it works, because the “error” I have to deal with is impossible to simulate, so I have to wait until it happens again haha! I’ll mark your answer as the right one, though.

I just did and if I have any issue, I’ll be back here!


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