Pass Argument from Main to Workflow window

I have organized my project into multiple workflows to do a particular task.

Main calls Workflow A. WF A calls B and C which return an argument.
I am successfully able to process the argument returned from WF’s B and C in WF A.

I would like to pass an argument (combination derived from the arguments returned from WF B and C)from WF A to WF D . How do I do that ? I only see the “Import Arguments” tag (Refer to the Image).

Your timely help is much appreciated



You have to create argument and mention direction as In/Out.

Click on that Import Arguments and create new variable and pass that value. And then pass this variable to other workflow which you want to pass it.

Hi @kaushiks1,

If you’re successfully returned those arguments in WF1, then you must have created variables to bind 'em in WF1 but it’s better to use argument there.
you’ve to follow the same steps to return those argument in Main workflow.
Create same no. of arguments with direction out in WF1 (it safe to create as In/Out) and create same no. of variables in Main to bind them.

Follow the link below, this will help you.