Import or Export Arguments/Variables Without Invoke

Is it possible to pass arguments (or variables) across workflows WITHOUT invoking?
Please do not recommend the invoking WF method because I do not need to execute the other WF.

Example scenario:
I have MAIN, SEQ1 and SEQ2 (all separate WFs)
MAIN gets an argument from SEQ1 (by invoking SEQ1 in MAIN)
I need to pass this imported argument in MAIN to SEQ2
I don’t want to invoke MAIN in SEQ2 (since MAIN shouldn’t be executed at this stage)

Hope I made it clear. Any thoughts on this is much appreciated. Thanks.

I don’t understand your logic, however if you want to achieve something similar to “Global variable” you could use orchestrator assets or (really not recommended) write the value to file (ie excel) and read this value from there.

We could be more helpful if you upload the example code.

Thank you for your reply Szwed. Can’t really use Assets here as its a Datatable.

Okay, let me try explaining differently.
There are two invokes in the MAIN:
Invoke SEQ1 (passes a datatable variable to MIAN)
Invoke SEQ2 (Needs the datatable variable from MAIN)
In other words, I just need to get a datatable from Invoke SEQ1 into Invoke SEQ2.

Does it make any sense?

Hello @Kiran-Kishore,

I’ve been facing a very similar issue this week but I didn’t find it in here (UiPath Forum). So I just got the solution through testing and more testing. Just clarifying my understanding about your case. You have a Main WF and it runs SEQ1, takes a value from there and brings it to Main, then your Main runs SEQ2 but the value needs to go from Main to SEQ2. Is that right?

So, what you need to do is pretty simple: Create an Argument in SEQ2, the Direction must be “IN”. Inside Main, when you use the Invoke activity to run SEQ2, click on its button “Import Arguments”, select the Argument you created in SEQ2, select the Direction as “IN” if it is not already, then in Value, set your variable in Main that contains the information from SEQ1.

You can take a look on my example below. Hope it may help you and any other like us :slight_smile: (3.5 KB)


This is exactly my scenario! Thank you Lucas, for all the explanation with an example. Truly appreciate your help.

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