Passing a variable from Process to Library back to Process

I need to pass into the library a date that it will receive from the process and then pass a variable from the library back to the process. How do I accomplish this?

For example, process RunFile.xaml has a variable dLastBizDay. I want to pass the variable dLastBizDay to the Library ReadHoliday.xaml and then have the Library pass a variable dAdjustedDate back to the process.

An explanation is good, an example better, a screenshot is best.

Thank you!

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Hey @drainb

Next to variables panel from which you create variables, there is something called Arguments.

You can click on it which will open the arguments panel inside which arguments can be created which is almost similar to a variable but with an additional field direction instead of scope where these will be used to pass data between workflows.

Once the argument is created in the panel, wherever you invoke the workflow just click on import argument and you can now see the arguments to which you will pass the value which will be receives by the workflow or sent out from the workflow.

Hope this helps.


Hi NK,

You pointed me in the right direction! Upon further searching, I found the below post and video that further answered my questions.

Thank you for your help!

Invoke workflow & Terminate workflow? - Help / Activities - UiPath Community Forum

and specifically, the video

What is Extract Workflow | What is Invoke Workflow and Arguments - YouTube


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Cool @drainb :slight_smile: :+1:

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