Invoke workflow & Terminate workflow?

Invoke workflow & Terminate workflow?

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Please find the Link below

Invoke Workflow:

Terminate Workflow :

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do you need help with those activities or you’r getting any kind of problem?

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Have look on the Uipath document for more information about Invoke workflow

Look on this thread for Terminal Workflow



I would recommend to be elaborate with the query

So that you get the precise answers

I think you want to know the difference

Invoke workflow - Synchronously invokes a specified workflow, optionally passing it a list of input arguments. Arguments can be imported from a specified workflow with this activity by using the Import Arguments button in the body of the activity.

Where as

Terminate workflow - it will stop the workflow execution the place wherever this activity is included

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can you please clear my doubt on Terminate Workflow activity.
In case we are using Terminal workflow activity in one of the files that is invoked inside process transaction state of RE Framework. as per condition if this activity gets executed will it go to catch part of exception and start the bot run from beginning like how system exception works?

If so then what is difference between throw and terminate workflow?

Throw - it just throws exception. Continuing with the process after throwing or to just stop the bot is your option
You can continue further even a exception is thrown by keeping that in try catch block
And can stop the execution without keeping them in a try catch block

But terminate is just for stopping the bot
Even if you keep in try catch it will stop the bot
There is no further execution

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Thanks @Palaniyappan , my doubts are clear now.

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Any further queries on this topic @vivek_sinha

I just want to exact difference between both of them.

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Terminate workflow

Terminate(String) Terminates a workflow instance using the specified error message . Terminate(Exception, TimeSpan) Terminates a workflow instance using the specified exception and time-out interval.

Invoke Workflow

By invoking the workflow, the changes you made in the current workflow would also modify the workflow that has been added . When creating complex UI Automation it is recommended to break it into smaller pieces that can be tested separately and then integrate them later in a bigger workflow.

Look into the document