How to pass value in uipath data table to access form

I already make a form by using access

And i wan to pass data table value in the uipath to above access form
Can i help to achieve this problem


You can loop the datatable using for each row, and inside that place a attach window activity to attach the access window.

Then you can use type into for each row cell value and type the value there.

We able to get selectors for each fields in the access form.

Sample selector:

<wnd app='msaccess.exe' cls='OMain' title='Access - Database1 : Database- C:\Databas*' />
<uia idx='1' name='End Time' role='edit' />

yah if the datatable is passed as a input for each row loop and inside the loop use a expression like this in a type into activity

or if we know which row and column data we want then we can directly mention the input like this in type into activity
where both row index and column index starts with 0 for first row or first column

hope this would helpyou
Cheers @Mahesha_Mendis


you can use for each row activities in uipath, inside you can use type into activities to type the data into different backet, but make sure the form can be recognized by uipath.

Can you please give me the example

WriteTotal.xaml (8.9 KB)

I cant use the Attach window following error occurred


You can try with a new attach window activity from your end in a new xaml file.

Which version of UiPath Studio you are using? Mine 2019.10

I use uipath 2019.10
Im try with new xaml but same error occurred

check you have all these packages included in your process.

Yes i have already installed

Then something wrong with the studio, just restart and check the same please

Thank you
Really it’s working

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