How do i invoke workflow B and also get information from WORFKLOW A


Sorry I did not get you. Could you please tell more details.

If i am not wrong are you trying to Invoke Workflow B from Workflow A and also passing input to Workflow B from Workflow A ?

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– assign the values from workflow A with OUT directional arguments to global variables by defining it in variable panel and we can call these global variables in any invoked workflow by assigning these variables as values to the invoked workflow B arguments with IN direction

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I have a workflow A that calls INvoke workflow B. INside workflow B i need a variable from WOrkflow A to proceed. How can i retreive this variable ? I tried with invoke workflow, but then it just runs the entire workflow A again and i dont want that i only need that one variable to proceed


We need to declare Arguments to communicate between two workflows but not variables. It will be used to communicate with in the workflow.

As for your requirement create one Argument of required type and specify direction as In inside Workflow B and pass value to this argument from Workflow A

do you have a illustration of this ?

Its this correct ? if i want to use this arguments in other workflows. Some i want to pass value and some i want to read value from


If you want to pass value from this workflow to other then specify direction as Out and you want to read from other workflow then specify direction as In. If it is in both direction then specify direction as In/Out

well dident work still getting error and cant assign the variable invokedworkerror


Here, what are you trying and tell me what error are you getting ?

i am trying to assign that argument there into the flow decsision. The argument “PDF_SKIFTID_INVOICE” its from the workflow A. and right now i am inside WORKFLOW B that has been invoked by the WORKFLOW A

No worries
in the Workflow A, make sure that all the arguments are with direction IN/OUT assigned to a variable (under values column).
–these variables must be global variables that is these variables must be mentioned with scope of whole sequence in the variable panel
–now pass these variable name as values to the invoked workflow B with IN direction

This would work for sure
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so this should be both variables and arguemtns in workflow A ?

If the arguemtn its in/out or even Out i cant assign a variable to it, then its set to DEFAULT VALUE NOT SUPPORTED

This are my arguements in workflow A

well change the argument direction as IN/OUT
and in invoke workflow activity under the arguments property assign global variable names as values
so that the arguments values can be accessed with those variables in workflow B
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assign them where it says 18 ? I am in workflow A(That has the arguements) now and the one saying 18 its the workflow B

yah pls go ahead
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but that its the arguements from workflow b?
So that would be all wrong

Hello, watch these videos, you will get to know how to use this.

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