Passing variables from one Invoke flow sequence to another in a flow chart

Let me preface this with saying I’ve taken a look at every thread and the documentation on this topic, and I still cannot wrap my head around how arguments work in passing a variable from one sequence to another in a flowchart, and I haven’t been able to get what I need working properly. Global variables would be so much easier to understand, but I have to use arguments so I am trying. Anyhow, what I need to do is to be able to pass a “file path” variable that is used universally across all sequences in my flow chart. This thread comes closest to representing what I need:

In the first sequence, I used an assign activity for the file path, and assign it to an “out” argument called “out_storevalue”

I drop an “Invoke workflow” into the flow chart, and assign it to the 1st Sequence workflow.

If I “double-click” to view, I have the Out argument, and I assign “filepath” from the flowchart variable to it: This is the file path that I need to use as a variable in Sequence 2.

I drop Sequence 2 into the flow chart, and double-click to view arguments. I create an IN argument, and assign the flow chart variable “filepath”:

Now inside the workflow for Sequence 2 I just have a message box, with “in_str”:

When I run the whole thing, the message box is blank - It is not showing the file path value assigned from sequence 1. What am I missing here? I just don’t understand how to get this to work.

Hi @NEdmonds

In the first workflow where you assign the file path to the out argument, can you first create a string variable and assign the file path to that as a default value. Next, assign that variable to the argument and see whether it is working…

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in the first sequence invoke, you have the value as out, change it to in/out please.
that’s the problem buddy, in first invoke activity, you are receiving the argument, not sending, when you import that in the “filepath” variable, you really are import nothing, then the rest of the flowchart, this variable is passing as null variable.

I’m not sure what you mean - I can’t assign the string variable to the argument, it says “Default Value is not supported”

I get the following error when I do that:


Can you share you workflow please. I want see what is the error

Ok, so now I’m not getting the error anymore, but the message box is still popping up as blank. Attached is the workflow. (13.3 KB)

ok buddy, i correct the arguments, and the error you was having, is because in the “sequence2”, you have an argument and a variable with the same name, you can’t do that, because the bot get confused and he can’t know which of the both he need to use, and he will import nothing and pop the error. (4.2 KB)

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