Pass Arguments into a library from another workflow

I want to pass some data value (variable/arguments or in any format) from workflow to the library. So it can execute [activities] based on given data values. For e.g. If I want to date validation inside a library, i want to pass the date as an argument to it, for validations. Kindly suggest. Thanks!

Do you mean by “library” the UiPath library project?

If so this indeed supports passing arguments in/out - see the documentation.


Thank you Joska, This is a very generic link. My example is specific. I am creating a nupkg file which does date validation(whether the input string is a valid date or not). How do i pass this string as an Argument into the nupkg file ? Hope its clear now.

Thanks !

Right, this is a generic approach applicable to any specific case of using custom library in UiPath.

Nupkg package file is just a wrapper for a Library (a DLL file) containing Activities. Nupkg package/Library could be linked to your project via Package Manager. From that moment Activities contained in the Library are available for use in your Project. You are never passing argument to Nupkg package/Library but always to Activity.

When you create a library project (1) then every workflow in the project (2) represents one activity in the library. Arguments (3) of the workflow represent parameters of the activity. E.g. in the screen below

After publishing the library you could link to your project via Package Manager. Activities (1) from the library cold be used in your project (2) and you could also provide parameters (3)



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