Issue about UiPath custom library definition

Hi everyone!
I stuck on using my custom library.
Actually, i’ve successfully created, published it into local directory and installed it as my project dependency.
But the issue is that i can not find the library’s arguments as properties of the corresponding activity in Properties panel. Also the activity’s body is empty.

Here is the UiPath ressources that i’ve used to create, publish and install my library :

I get things differently from what the tutorial says : «Arguments you define in the library become activity properties in the projects where the library is installed as a dependency»

Does anyone have a solution for this ?
I appreciate any contributions you may have, please.

Hey @alindaessi

This works perfectly fine for us.

We keep arguments with direction like In Out or In/Out which will appear in the properties panel of the reusable activity.

Kindly show the code to check what’s wrong.


@Nithinkrishna , okay got it
As i am a new user, I am not yet allowed to attach files
however, below is the xaml snapshot of my lib if it can help.


Actually, below is what I did :
Use invoke code activity to define a vb .net code
Define arguments by hitting the Edit Arguments button of the activity

Thanks for your contribution

could you please share the screenshot of the arguments panel at the bottom.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan!

By the way, the issue is now solved!
I’ve understood that it was also necessary to add arguments in the Arguments panel and which will be related to the arguments added by clicking on the Edit Arguments button.

Thanks for your contributions.

Exactly @alindaessi ! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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