How to pass data value / variable / arguments to library in a workflow

What I am doing
I am building multiple projects based on amazon. So I have created a library of activities which frequently used in all projects.

What I want to do
I want to pass some data value (variable/arguments or in any format) from workflow to the library. So it can execute activities based on given data values.

For example :-
I am building project for amazon sellers. so in all project “login to the amazon” is a common activites. I have build library of activites which login into amazon.

Now I want to pass “email & password” from main workflow to library. So it can login using given data.

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Use Dictionary with String, Object key value pair model.

Now you can pass
Email, “
Password, “respectivepassword”

So in your library you can extract value from the dictionary using the key and use it.

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In your case it compulsory to load another 3rd party microsoft extension library because without this dictionary activity does not work. It is ok if we need it only in one or two process. But if we require this feature (to pass data from library to workflow ) in multiple projects ? We also need to load microsoft extension library in all of those project. Its seems full of hustle. Is there any other easy way ? Which not require to load another 3rd party library ?