Partial selectors stopped working while contained within Attach Browser or Open Browser activities

I have a workflow that used a web app called PeopleSoft. It navigated through it using the app’s menus, created reports, and saved them. All of this was done through various click & type activities that used partial selectors since they were contained within attach browser or Open browser activities.

Everything was working fine until this week. Now, UiPath can’t find any element in this web app unless I give it either the URL or the title of the webpage. I’d prefer not to put in full selectors as that seems like it’d create more possible points of failure. No changes were made to the application.

Any ideas why this happened seemingly at random?

Hi Dave,

You can try saving the browser as an output variable when you are opening the application and then use it on the browser property of the Attach browser activities instead of giving the selector of the page. This seems to be more stable.

I have tried that, but the same issue was occurring. So far the only workaround is to add either the URL or html title to each & every selector.

Hi there @Dave
Firstly, the first process I ever built utilised PeopleSoft as one of the systems, brings back memories!

Onto the issue, is it possible the original top-level selectors utilised within the ‘Attach’ activities were not generic enough and thus, are failing?

It is perfectly normal to include the page title within the top-level selector, used for attaches, but make it dynamic enough to persist (functionally) through various pages, different accounts, etc…

For example, you may simply use the title *Peoplesoft*, which provides indication of the site, but minimises potential for future points of failure.

Of course, you may have considered this already, so please take what I say with a grain of salt.

As a final note, would you be able to provide some example top-level selectors, as well as the partials used within the ‘Attaches’, etc…

Thanks in advance,