Parallel sequence for processing/looking for message box?


I am currently developing a process which selects dates on a website. Recently, the site has been producing pop-ups which disrupt the bot mid-run, and the message box can come up at any time.

I had built a parallel that has an element exists with an if statement and SimulateClick Click Activity, and another sequence that continues doing regular processing without any simulated activities, but it only seems to trigger one sequence at a time. Is this because both the sequences are using Ui elements?

Does anybody have any experience with the parallel activity that can point out what I’m doing wrong, or have had a similar issue and found a workaround?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @william.coulson !
Parallel activity is used to do both sequences, you can find more about it here
Do the pop-ups appear at any time or at a specific moment (for instance only once, when you arrive on the page) ?

Hi @Hiba_B,

Thanks for this, I will read through it.

The pop-up appears at any time, according to the person who has been running the process.

I am going to try putting the left sequence inside a while loop with a very small timeout, and a Boolean on the right hand side to exit the left side’s loop