Do I need to add a parallel activity for macro execution and to send a hotkey when a pop up appears?




I am creating a workflow for executing a macro through “execute macro” activity and I have a pop up that will appear after successful completion of the execution. So I am planning to add an “On Element appear” activity and send a hotkey “enter” for clicking “ok” in the pop up.

So my question is, Is this process correct as now I have given both these components inside a sequence? And also do I need to add a parallel activity for “On Element Appear”? If yes how do I work with a parallel activity?

Thanks in advance.


Hey @Delicia_A

So pop up is coming after successful completion? then even you will execute them in sequence there will be not problem :slight_smile: what are the chances for successful execution always?

and in between if you are getting any alert or popups better to use Parallel Activity in those scenarios :slight_smile:



Hi @aksh1yadav,

Never had a thought about the alert popups. Thanks for prompting me regarding this :slight_smile: .so how can I handle the other popups in this case? Is there a way to read the text in the pop up and to take a decision based on that?



Hey @Delicia_A

Yes you can but generally you will get to know where your micro can fail and based on such scenarios prepare your action and use parallel :slight_smile:

pop ups you can check either via element exists or on element appear and so :slight_smile: and to read a text you use Get Attribute and get the Target property which is having the msg text.



Thanks @aksh1yadav for the suggestion.

The macro will run for more than 45 mins. I have incorporated on element appear inside parallel activity but I am getting timeout exception in the component.

Not sure how to handle this.



Hey @Delicia_A

Yeah because it is running for longer time so use high timeout value :slight_smile:




Can you tell me what should I select inside get attribute activity to get the message from a pop up? Currently I selected the title its working fine but I want the value instead of the title.Since based on the content I have to do a condition check.