Unexpected Pop Up messages

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I am working on a RPA Automation with a web application and desktop application in which we get some error or update popup messages. Those popup messages are unexpected and it may appears in any of the process steps (unexpected). We just need to close or avoid when appears and proceed further activities as per the process. Please help us on this.

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If the popup has a sequence like after few activities it might appear, then you can try to put the element exists activity before the next activity and use If condition

If the pop up appears then use your action in then, after that you can continue with your next steps

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The problem is not when the specific pop up message appears ,
the problem is that we face unexpected pop up message that may appear and it is a random pop up message

Hi Hisham_Alshareef,

For that first need to identify where you are getting the pop-up, then use element exist activity check the condition so that bot will move further.


Hi @Hisham_Alshareef,

While you are working use a parallel activity on one side perform your tasks on the other side locate the unknown popups by element exist and take appropriate action like clicking ok etc on that pop ups, this will not break your functionality.


I use Parallel activity in this case - see attached
In branch1 I execute the main process.
In branch2 I “lurk” for the unexpected message, e.g. using On Element Appear activity.
It has indeed a limitation - the unexpected message should have some known selector


Hey @Hisham_Alshareef

Kindly use Global Exception Handler for handling the same.