Catch an element that may appear anytime

I have to run a process on a website. There is a chance that a session timeout window will pop up anytime when the process is run. If this window pops up, I want to close it and restart the whole process. Since I do not know when the session timeout window will appear, I’m not sure if I can use the ‘if element exists’ activity. Can anyone help me on this?


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-first use a PARALLEL ACTIVITY where in the left side keep the current sequence of activities you have
-right side to that include a nee sequence and add element exists and get the output as Boolean variable, followed by that in the same sequnce use a IF condition and if true then use a CLICK activity in THEN part of the if condition
—again right side to the above sequnce include the set of activities you want to run after clicking that pop up

Parallel runs the activities one by one side by side asynchronously

Cheers @CY_LEW

Hi, thank you for your reply. May I know if this works if the pop up window appears more than once during the process?

Yeah ofcourse it can handle
Keep the parallel activity inside retry scope without any condition and mention the number of maximum number of retries for standard process tuning

Cheers @CY_LEW

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So for example, if the pop up window may appear maximum of 5 times, I can put the number of retries as 5?

Yeah @CY_LEW

Okay, thank you very much.

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