Parallel activity not working as expected

Using a parallel activity to run three workflows in parallel

1 Workflow)To Update field values of a specific panel of Uipath Apps
2 Workflow) To play an audio file - Using Start Process in this workflow which opens a command window console.
3 Workflow) To update field values of another panel of Uipath Apps

The 1st and 3rd workflow doesn’t execute until the 2nd workflow completes. Any pointers around handling this case where all three need to be running in parallel. Not sure if the command window console is blocking the other two workflows.

  1. put your logic (for 1,2,3) or (2,3) inside separate workflows
  2. invoke those workflows from parallel activity. Make sure isolated = true for each workflow. This will run them on separate threads so that they will run independently and wont wait for other workflows to finish

Even with isolated ‘True’ ,it behaves in the same manner Workflow file 2 takes priority, the panels are not updated as soon as the process starts, though they are separate workflows. After Workflow 2 is 3/4th completed then the panels get updated. Though 1 and 3 are not dependent on the Workflow 2 file.

As per the discussion in the below link

In this case the out arguments are not available until all the three workflows are completed. Hence until the 3rd workflow completes the out arguments are not available as and when out arguments are populated when a workflow finishes.

Used functions in Uipath Apps to directly populate the data on Events , this issue got solved. Workflow 1 handling in Uipath Apps and Workflow 2 and 3 in Uipath Process. So the Apps console doesn’t have the wait for the out arguments from the process to be available for loading

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