Panels orgenazing

Hi all,

Some how there is a big mess in my panels. I couldn’t find any article about organizing panels in uipath.
I’d be happy for help in here. How can I define which panel would be hidden and which wouldn’t. Also, how can I dock panel locations without docking it on another panel and hiding it?


have a look here:

Thanks, but it doesn’t help me. As you can see in the screenshot I’ve attached, part of the panels are not visible at all (output, activities, projects) and I don’t know how to make them visible.

In addition, I’m familiar with the docking method that you’ve explained in the link, but using this method the panels keep hiding each other (if for example you want two panels to be on the left side of the screen, one on top and one below- how would I do that?)

Unfortunately we cannot see all, as the screenshot is clipping the borders. Check the corners e.g. on

and pin it

Ok, somehow I managed to fix it.
I needed first to dock the panel. Then I had the option to auto hide it.
In addition, by docking one panel into another panel, I could make a bookmark of a panel in it.