The docking and organization of tabs is awful

For the longest time I had the Output tab vertical along with the Properties tab, on the right side. Their tabs were at the bottom, even with Variables/Arguments/Imports. Now for some reason Output has decided it wants to be on the bottom left with Error List, Find References, and Breakpoints. After frustrating fidgeting with it for a while I finally got Output back where I want it. Then I close and reopen the project and it goes back to where it was. Maddening.

This is Studio 2021.10.5

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The docking is pretty standard for applications like this. I am unsure what you are struggling with. The high level of customization on the docking I think is a great strength and not something that should be changed.
I understand a frustration of it reverting back when you closed and re-opened but I have never experienced that, the layout must have been cached somewhere and not updated correctly, perhaps a conflicting UiPath Studio instance running.

Regardless, if I may say Paul this seems more like abit of a frustrated rant that than feedback. I am unsure what you are suggesting UiPath alter or change and I personally find the docking to be very standard and intuitive to how modern applications are designed.

Perhaps you could propose a reasonable alternative to the current setup if it does not work for you?

What they should change is to make it easier to move things around where you want, and then have them stay how you set them - per project not globally.

Go ahead and try to drag one of them to dock somewhere else and tell me if you think it’s actually intuitive.

I frequently drag them around and do find it very intuitive, its very standard and the same way I see in other apps with docked windows so do not see the problem.

I personally would hate it to be set per project, that would be extremely annoying when you want to make a change to your layout and then need to do that again and again in 50 projects.

I have the opposite feeling to you Paul, I do not wish them to change this as I think what you propose with the layout being set per project would be a negative change. ‘Easier to move’ is not a change I can take seriously as its got no specifics.

Trying to figure out where to drop the pane to get it to stay where you want is NOT intuitive. Multiple drop points in the same area of the screen, etc. And the per project or global is an easy thing to resolve. Just make it a setting. Give us options. Simple.

Sorry Paul, completely disagree. As I said the drag and drop functionality is standard and allows you huge customization over those windows including floating them. There is no way to do that in a config file and have it easily human readable.

You already have options, a huge number of options. I feel like you are just rejecting them.
Its really easy and intuitive to use. You drag the window you want and the docking options appear and how if you want to make it part of the same pane, or place it above, below, to the side etc. Its really clear and as I said, standard behaviour across many applications, dockable windows are really common.

As I said before, I really do not support your suggestion and urge UiPath to not implement any changes to their window docking. There have been many changes made to cater to certain requests that make the platform worse, such as the new colour coding, so I think its important to downvote bad suggestions.

I never said anything about doing it in a config file. You disagree, fine. This is my feedback not yours. Thanks.

Making things more intuitive is never bad. I’m not saying take anything away.

You mentioned in a setting, I assume thats in a config somewhere. If not then I misunderstand.

We can of course disagree but as I said, in my opinion the layout is already intuitive and the changes you suggest will make it less intuitive. This is standard Windows docking functionality so I dont think the changes you suggest can be made without taking that away. I’d urge you to learn more about using docked window panes instead. They are really good.

It could be something very intuitive like when I move a tab, it prompts me “Do you want this layout change to apply to all projects or only this project?”

This is what I mean when I say it’s not intuitive. Intuitive means it gives you information about what is happening. Nowhere does it indicate that if I close and open the project it’ll revert, nor does it explain why.

Giving additional options and information to the user is less intuitive? LOL I’m done here. I never said take anything away. Have a good day.

Yes and I am saying this sounds alot less intuitive than it currently is.
You seem hostile to any counter on this so I will leave you to it Paul.

@ UiPath, please do not implement this change, it works well as is and is already intuitive.

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