Activity panel Window stuck offscreen

Somehow i undocked my activity panel to offscreen I try various method ,I do not how to fix this to UIPath Studio .The panel is on top left.

Hi @Kaif_shaikh, Click on the below highlighted Icon


It will show the “Dock” option, you have to click on it, it will solve the issue

hi @hafiz.ahsan that icon is not visible
It just showing like this on screen

Ok @Kaif_shaikh , send me the screenshot of complete screen including UiPath

This is how it looks
I was doing my activity and press some key and appear like this

Hi @Kaif_shaikh

Try to reopen the Uipath Studio and check it.


HI @Gokul001

Done this multiple times even sign out
When ever i try to open my process it appear like this

Thanks regards

Hi @Kaif_shaikh

Try to resize the pane by dragging it out from the side.

@Kaif_shaikh, Minimize the UiPath then the drag option of the bar will show up and then click on Dock, it will resolve your issue

Hi @hafiz.ahsan

I trying that method but it not giving that option to drag here is another screen shot how it looks
if minimize the UIPATH
Its going out of screen with no option
and even the left side is shading as u can see


Now click on the panel which is outside the UiPath and it will show you the top bar of it

HI @Kaif_shaikh

Try to reinstall the UiPath studio once again and check it.

Click the link to download Uipath community version :


not showing that option ??

It has some bug and try to Reinstall the UiPath again @Kaif_shaikh

Ok @Kaif_shaikh, I think so there is some issue going on with your UiPath, try to reinstall it and I guess it’ll work fine

when unwanted drag out the panel and top border is out of window lets do following:

step one:
click on bottom border and scale down

Now top border jumps back into the window

Step two:


drag it for arragement to

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