Page scrolls up automatically

I am building a bot (using Citrix) that clicks checkboxes. However, just before clicking the checkbox, the page scrolls up automatically (and this is not a consistent behavior - i.e., sometimes it scrolls after clicking the first checkbox, sometimes after the second and so on).

I have tried using a page up/down hotkey after every checkbox, to ensure that the right window frame is being displayed. However, again, just before clicking the checkbox, the page scrolls up.

I have also tried building the bot using tab hotkeys, but that has also not yielded the desired results.

Appreciate your help in this regard!

Hi @meenal, Can you tell us how you are checking the checkbox inside citrix? I mean to say: the approach you have used to check the check boxes.

@jibanjyoti I have used Citrix - Click Image function. The area selected for clicking image is the question and area for “indicate a point on screen” is the checkbox.

If you have similar images in the same page then there is a chance that the robot will be misguided to click on somewhere else (Similar Check boxes in the same page).
Is it something like that? Please check.

Yes, there are many check boxes in the page. But instead of clicking at any of the other checkboxes (in case the bot sees it as similar images), it is scrolling up.

It is going to click the check box which is in the top section of the page probably. you just highlight the selector and check where it is highlighting.