Automating selecting items from a list in an Application using Citrix

I have included a rough illustration of the Citrix automation I have to perform below:

Few things to note:

  • When the application loads this page, the list isn’t scrolled all the way to its top

  • The items marked numerically in the green box are the items my bot has to click on in a sequential order, which then directs it to other tabs to perform a series of operations, before navigating back to this tab

  • After it head back, it has to click the next item in the list in and perform the same automation steps


  • There are over 2000 list items, and there is no reliable way to automate the scrolling of the list since we are using image automation.

  • As we progress down the list, the number of times the bot has to click on the scroll bar has to increment(item 16 may be visible after one click, but item 19 might be visible after 3 clicks)

Any idea how this can be achieved through image automation?
Help would be most appreciated, thanks in advance!

Kind Regards,
Ashwin A.K