How to get checkbox in Citrix environment


I’m in a remote environment where i can get the selectors consistently. How can I consistently get the checkbox value in this type of environment. I tried OCR but it does not work since the checkbox is out of the view due to a large scrolling UI. Thanks!


Try with Computer Vision activities.

Thanks lakshman. I will try. Is there a way to somehow reset a checkbox value to unchecked with hotkeys?

you should try the image exists activity

Does this work when image is out of view due to scrolling?

it should work, not a problem at all

I would need to use Scrape Relative, which didn’t work consistently when I tried with scrolling. So maybe CV is my best bet. Unless anyone else has any alternatives.

Hi @ramirezp,

Try with click & enter

you can try with image exists and then if not then page down again image exists and again if exists click on the image this shold sole the issue, because even I had similar type of requirement and I am able to overcome in this way.

let us know if this suits your requirement.
Pavan H

In the same boat. I have a Citrix based App to where I need to check a checkbox that is next to a Text value, so for each Account I pull up, the Text values change, so really need an Activity to where I can click relative to a dynamic Text value…any ideas?

Use Check activity to check