Page Down until Found footer

I’m trying to simulate a ‘DO page down hotkey WHILE footer isn’t found’ - because of how the page load dynamically, sending an end key isn’t going to work. I could keep putting multiple send hotkey functions, but that won’t work for future as well.

Can somebody help explain how the FoundElement work, and if there’s any examples I can follow?


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Welcome to uipath community
We can use RETRY SCOPE activity
—where keep the SEND HOTKEY activity in the upper part and key pgdn
—in the lower part use ELEMENT EXISTS and click on that element
—and mention the no of retries as much we need in approx
—so this will click on pgdn until the element is found

Hope this would help you
Cheers @kcjh


Hi @kcjh

Use Set Focus activity on the footer and then check

hi, thanks for replying. ELEMENT EXISTS doesn’t seem to work - is that because the element will exist, but it needs to be visible as well?

thanks, but SET FOCUS doesn’t seem to do anything?

Element must be and of course it will be visible right because we are scrolling down with pgdn key using Send hot key activity in the upper until the element is found
—make sure that we are in right page where we need to search for element
—and also in the element exists activity set the property waitforready in the property panel as COMPLETE

cheers @kcjh


I have checked Set focus activity, it is working fine and targeting the footer

@kcjh what about scrollbar? if we can detect scroll bar till the bottom. :slight_smile: as i know with ajax loaded pages they will load more results just before bottom of scroll bar :slight_smile:

Check an existing thread which might help you.



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You can use DO WHILE activity to send hot key down and check element exists

the condition should be like, element exists = true @kcjh

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thanks all, but i can’t seem to get it any to work. i’m a total newbie at this, so any help is appreciated. i have now messed up my own data scrape as well, and am unable to get the NextLink Selector to work on the ‘Load More’ button. the website i’m trying to scrape is here:


Try below xaml it will page down until the footer found
Pagedown.xaml (8.1 KB)