Packages - not compatible with net8.0-windows7.0 (.NETCoreApp,Version=v8.0). ERROR


I need assistance on the following error encountered when trying to run a process in UiPath studio.

Here is the error message:

NU1202: Package Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp 4.5.0-2.22527.10 is not compatible with net8.0-windows7.0 (.NETCoreApp,Version=v8.0). Package Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp 4.5.0-2.22527.10 does not support any target frameworks.

In the logs, most of the packages have the same error which it “is not compatible with net8.0-windows7.0 (.NETCoreApp,Version=v8.0).”

Please help. Thank you.

Hi @Harima_Kenji

Check the below thread



Open project tab from left…and then expand and check which package has the codeanalysis dependency and change that dependency version


I will check on this. Thank you.

Thank you for your reply. Actually most of the dependencies have the same error.
I have a 2024.4.0 beta version of studio and using these packages on my workflow.

UiPath.System.Activities 24.5.0-preview
UiPath.System.Activities.Runtime 24.5.0-preview
UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities 24.4.2-preview
UiPath.Mail.Activities 1.23.1
UiPath.Testing.Activities 24.4.0-preview
UiPath.Excel.Activities 2.23.3-preview

I will check your suggestion.

Thank you.

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