Package not compatible with net5.0-windows7.0 (.NETCoreApp,Version=v5.0). Package supports: net6.0-windows7.0 (.NETCoreApp,Version=v6.0)

Dear community,
I have developed a process in UiPath studio 2023.4.4 version, with activities compatible with .net core 6 and published on the orchestrator. Now I would like to run that process on a machine that has the UiPath Studio version 2021.10.5, on which I have installed the .net core 6 runtime.

So, does the message indicate that I cannot do that? And that I require also a studio version compatible with .net6-compatible activities?

Hi @Stefano_Protti1
Try to update all the dependent packages from Manage package and check it once.

If not, it’s recommended use the same or compatible versions of UiPath Studio for development and execution to ensure proper functionality and avoid compatibility issues.

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Unfortunately, Studio 21.10.5 doesn’t support .net6.
UiPath start to support net6 from 21.10.6 as the following document. Please upgrade your Studio to 21.10.6 or above.


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Yes, the message suggests that you need a UiPath Studio version compatible with the .NET Core 6 activities you used in your process. To run the process on a machine with UiPath Studio version 2021.10.5, you’ll need to either:

  1. Update the Studio to a version that supports .NET Core 6 activities, such as a version released after 2023.4.4, or

  2. Modify your process to use activities compatible with the .NET version supported by UiPath Studio 2021.10.5, such as .NET Core 3.1.

Using activities compatible with the .NET version supported by the older Studio version is the safer and more straightforward option if updating Studio is not possible.


Thank you, had to downgrade packages and activites and publish from the machine with Studio 2021. Publishing from a newer studio version would not work, even if the packages have been downgraded.

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