Packages are updating automatically

Hi All,
A process is recently deployed in a production server it was working fine but from past few days it is not working correctly because of some package issues It is getting automatically updated due to this the process is not working correctly in production server but same is working correctly in my local system, it is not even throwing any error please help me how to resolve the issue(It is a both web automation and excel automation but Bot not performing web automation correctly)


Please help me on this.


Is it throwing any error


@Palaniyappan ,
It is not throwing any error,but it will stop in between the process.

Well this is not actually possible
Try publishing it again from studio and run the process from orchestrator

And where you able to find at which activity it is getting stopped May be you can track that activity with any log message used before to it


Here the organisation is not using the orchestrator.

Fine then

If you have a studio installed in that server then open that xaml and run in debug mode
Let’s see where it is getting stuck
Will get an idea


Ok, I will do the same and let you know

I was facing the error because the packages were updating once downgrade the packages which were belongs to the project the process started working fine.
My colleague changed the enterprise edition to community edition to do some changes in uipath perhaps that was the problem.
Thanks for your response.

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