Package source has encountered the following error: Unable to load the service index for source 2. The same problem is effected in official, marketplace, tabs

Hi Team,
After upgrading to UiPath Studio version 21.10.0 , while clicking on the had the error as Package source has encountered the following error: Unable to load the service index for source 2.

In official, marketplace, had the similar error

Hi @Beula_Climaxi ,

the 407 error mostly due to proxy error. Could you pls have view on the below links it might helpful to resolve your issue. thanks.

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Hi @Beula_Climaxi,
@kirankumar.mahanthi1 is right. Please also make sure that your firewall is not blocking any of these feed addresses.

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Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1

Thanks ! I have different error when I launch the same package UiPath Studio 21.0 in another machine with a different network setup (403 browser blocked) and for the other version 20.0.2 there is no such error, Could you please suggest here whether this is also related to the proxy configuration

Do you have this issue for the Official feed only or for all of the feeds?

For official and Marketplace have the above mentioned error
And for

Hi @Beula_Climaxi ,

Could you hit the following URL “” in the browser and tell me are you able to get any json page or error. thanks.

Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1,
Please find the screenshot, Thanks

You are able to access the nuget from your browser. I think the issue is connecting from uipath feed. Could you pls go to %appdata% and nuget folder and inside the folder you could find nuget.config delete this file and restart your studio and try. If you still unable to get the nuget package we have to modify the nuget.config with your proxy details. The issue you are currently facing due to proxy only.

Please try the above steps and let us know. Thanks.


deleted the nuget.config file in nuget folder and restarted the studio, still the same error

Hi ,

I have included the webproxysettings in uipath config file and also updated the following code in C:\Windows[Microsoft.NET ](\Framework64\v4.0.30319\Config\machine.config

After that, the error in is gone but the error in official and Marketplace stays the same

Please support here.

Have you got resolution for this issue.I am facing the same issue.

When I had a similar error, I resolved it by removing an old environment variable named “http_proxy” which was pointing to a proxy server address that was no longer working.