Package name changing while publishing

Hi All,
I already have package in Orchestrator, developed in 2018 version studio. when i try to update libraries in existing package and publish in 2020 version studio, package name is getting changed.

Can anyone help me on this?



After you published the project to orchestrator make sure that you’ve updated the project in orchestrator.

Here you can see the option Upgrade to latest version


Thanks for the quick reply Thiru!

For Example:
i already have Package naming - Updated_Browser in Orchestrator(developed in 2018 version studio). when i opened the same package in 2020 version studio , update libraries and publish , the package name is changing to “Updated.Browser”.

Hope it will be easier for you to understand better now.


We can’t add 2 processes with the same name. if you wants not to change the process name delete the existing one and try to publish it again.


i am getting name change in Package and not in Processes.

have a look on common practices for nuget package names.
We would also recommend to use the . format

In case of the metadata should be edited have a look here for a helping tool

Hi @skaruppanakumar ,

I think the . has appeared in place of a Space, maybe your Process Name has a Space and Hence the Space gets converted to a . (dot).

A Quick Check in Studio, can maybe help solve the Issue and before publish, we should be able to Modify the Package name as desired.