How can i change the name of the process after publish it plz?

How can i change the name of the process after publish it plz ?

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May I know why you want to change after publish ?

Because i have many flowchart in this project, so i want to modify only one of them i will publish


It’s good practice to keep project related files only in that folder and publish Main file.

And also once we published the project then it will generate nupkg file and if you want you can rename it. If your Robot machine connected to Orchestrator then you can see this Package in Orchestrator but here you can’t change the name of the file.

Open project.json file and change the name of the file which you want and then publish it.

Can you send me a picture plz ?


Which screenshot you want ?

Sorry. Present I don’t have system.

To change to name, because even when i change the name of nupkg file, it doesn’t change it in orchestrator.

You can change the project name in the project settings!

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You are changing the name after publishing right. So it won’t reflect into Orchestrator.

Please change the name in project.json file and then publish it and then you can find the same in Orchestrator.

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Whenever a process is created In studio and published, the name that we get in orchestrator (while creating a process in PROCESS TAB for that process) is from PROJECT.JSON file of the process

So if any change we need to see in the Process name obviously it must managed in Project Json file that is we need to change in Project Json file of that project

So once if that is changed it’ll and published again it will get created as a new process and when we are trying to create a process in PROCESS tab the new name will reflect in orchestrator

Cheers @Soudios

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