Package install offline - UIPath.Form.Activities

Hi All,

Having some troubles installing UiPath.Form.Activities on a very locked down PC.
It has very limited access and isn’t able to load the source index from MyGet.

I’ve moved all the listed dependancy .nupkg into the packages folder and their unpacked files onto the C:.

When I try and install using Manage Packages it gives me a warning:
The following package(s) can not be installed: UiPath.Form.Activities 1.7.0
I can then open logs or copy to clipboard, I won’t share the logs here for security but can look up specific things within.

I did notice that a different package failed differently, not redirecting me to the logs and displaying a red exclamation mark next to the package.

Any ideas I can try to get this one installed?
Thank you.

Hi @justin.hein

Try with the Local access Enabled Settings from Manage packages!



Check for this doc on how to do custom package feeds

Cheers @justin.hein

Thanks Palaniyappan,

The Connecting to Feeds through a Proxy server looks very promising.
I’m checking with support that there are no issues setting this up.

Once that’s tested I’ll return with results.


Hi Pravin,

Thank you for the information.
This should be all setup on my end, I have a User defined package source set and have been able to install other packages from this location.


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I needed to move my desktop to another office and install using a different network.
This solved my issue.

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