Overload group error

I’m creating a flowchart workflow which includes multiple sequences.
In 1st sequence, open Web system then input some value.(keep open the browser)
In 2nd sequence, open Oracle EBS then input some value.
In 3rd sequence, return to web system then input some value.

To realize this, in 1st sequence at open browser, I defined browser variable at output.
Then in 3rd sequence, I used attach browser, defined the same browser variable as input.
Browser variable scope is entire workflow, so it should be usable among different sequences.

However following error shows at attach browser activity:
“The following overload groups are configured: Find Browser, Use Browser.
Only one overload group should have its arguments configured.”

Could you help me?


could you please attach workflow.

Workflow_EN.xaml (279.1 KB)
Attached workflow.
Sorry for leaving some Japanese.
Could you check it?


Because you have two expression for "browser and selector.
just remove any one and pass the other .

if you wants to pass Kakenyukin01 browser variable then remove the selector.
else remove Kakenyukin01 and pass the same selector as that of Kakenyukin01 browser windows


Thank you so much!
It solved.

I am getting error as attached in screenshot when I am publishing.
Please help me to solve this.