None of the overload groups have all their required optional activity arguments configured


After I create the Attach Browser activity, I am getting an error of “None of the overload groups have all their required optional activity arguments configured”. What am I missing? And what should I put in the required activity arguments? I am trying to complete lab 10 “extracting data form a website” in lab exercise manual v.1.1 RPA design and development course.

Thank you for your help.

Could you show your process?

I appreciate your quick response! I tried to upload my process to this post, but it said “new users cannot upload attachments”. Is there anyway I can show it to you?

Can you take a screenshot and paste it? At first “glance”, I’ll tell you to check that your interactions with browser are inside an AttachBrowser activity.

I tried the screenshot and that did not work. I created a new google account and put the file in the google drive. You could take a look at it there if you don’t mind.


You are putting an AttachBrowser activity inside an OpenBrowser activity. The OpenBrowser already provide a Browser scope.

When you use AttachBrowser, you need at least one input, Selector or Browser.

If you have to use multiple opened “browsers”, use their output UiBrowser property to keep them into variables and use AttachBrowser with these variables as browser input (outside the OpenBrowser scopes)

Thank you. But what should the variable be like? What should the name, variable type, scope and default be for that specific variable?

  • for Browers, the type is UiPath.Core.Browser (Browser in short).I usually use simply Browser as variable name.
  • for selectors, the type is String and you could name there variable as SubmitButtonSelector or NameInputSelector, etc. for example.

Back to your workflow, just get rid of the AttachBrowser.

Thank you. I got rid of Attach Browser, but I got another error for Extract Structured Data activity. It said “Value for a required activity argument ‘ExtractMetadata’ was not supplied” What should I put for the extractmetadata? I appreciate your help! The file is in the same google drive that I sent you before

Go back to the ExtractData activity and check the Output: it has a scope and deleting your activity parent (the Sequence inside the AttachWindow). Click on the UiPath ribbon’s “Remove Unused Variables”, then go back to the ExtractData, delete its output, click outside the activity and go back to create another variable (click into the output field, CTRL + K and type your variable name then [ENTER])

excuse me, sir,How can i get lab exercise manual v.1.1 pdf?