【Outsystem intergration】How to send the outsystem data to google form by using UIPath

The requirements are as attached file below.

we would like to send the data that the user input in outsystem, automatically updatde in the google form by UiPath.

is that possible to implement above feature in outsystem?

Let’s say, user input the “name”, “gender”, “city” in outsystem form, then [save] the button, the input data will be updated in google form like , name: name_value, gender: gender_value, city: city_value.

If there are any other solutions that you believe could be helpful, kindly let me know without hesitation.

Hi @lu.bowen ,
I want to know what is your outsystem?
I think UiPath can get value in outsystem to google form
→ when user enter to last value in outsystem, UiPath can get all previous value user type in previous → then write to google form

If you are able to configure the OutSystems form, then yes, it’s possible to trigger a UiPath robot via API call after click on a button in OutSystems. However, it feels a bit redundant as you could also send an API call from the OutSystems form to update Google Forms automatically, with no robot involved. Maybe you could describe your use case a bit more, why do you want to handle this task with UiPath?

The SaaS name is Outsystems(lowcode platform)

it seems, I am looking for the point how to get the value from the outsystems, I found some connector which cannot work, Could you give more hints?


Thank you for your reply.

your point is key. actually I showed the "workaround to use google forum."because I just want to verify the feasibility of UiPath connector of Outsystem. in the future, we want to pass the value from outsystems to the internal website via UiPath.

But I research a lot and find out the UiPath connector of outsystem cannot work. if the architecture would work as you said, I will look more to learn the UiPath connector and call api to pass the value.

robot can get from almost out system by activity , eg: getText
can you start with it and if you have any error, let ask me

I think the preferred way would be to send the data from OutSystems to a UiPath Orchestrator queue.