Need Help in capturing API request from outsystems in UiPath

Hi Folks i am new to UiPath i have scenario wherein i need to invoke published job in Orchestrator from OutSystems. Which is accomplished but my next activity is to capture input data which is passed from outsystems along with api request in uipath and need to use that input data as input varaible for the published activity. Need some help on it. First of all is there a way to capture API request which made from outsystems in Uipath? Second if it is possible how can i do it.
Thanks in Advance

Hi @sathishvenu

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Unfortunately, it is not possible to receive webhooks with Orchestrator. You might be able to write a custom activity for your process that could accomplish it, but I would consider it non-trivial.

One way to accomplish your desired flow would be to use a third party service that could mediate and govern your process.

Hi Thanks for your response but i accomplished the activity by using Arguments in and completed it.

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