Conceptual doubt about API

Hi! I apologize for not being a technical person nor a programmer. I am a entrepreneur and am planning to build a business application to automate the filling of some forms using an Uipath robot. I have a technology team but they do not communicate very well in English, so I am here to try to help them.

The point is that we have a doubt on how to initiate the action. To launch the robot to fill the form, we need to feed it first with the relevant information to fill all fields of the form. Since we need the functionality to work on on-line basis (as soon as we receive a request to fill the form in our main application, it should send a signal to the robot so that is started its work) we were planning to use the Uipath API as a gate to send the relevant info to the robot. The question is, what is the best way to proceed. I need to understand these points first.

  1. Does the API give the info directly to the robot?
  2. Does the API give info to Orchestrator and it passes it to the robot?
  3. Should our main application leave all info fields in a database, and use the API to send a signal to Orchestrator to launch the robot, having programed it to go to this intermediate database to pick the form fields?

Could you help me to decide what is the best course of action? I am a bit lost.

Thank you very much for your help and kindness,