Output panel not working after update to v2019.5.0

After the update, when I press the run button, the log message isn’t outputting in the studio

Pls help thank you


I’m having the same issue. Tried restarting UIPath a few times but still didn’t work. Interestingly a few items are listed there when first opening the project (“Assets file has not changed” etc) but at run time nothing…

same but on my other machine, it works. the version is 2019.4.2 Enterprise. So is it safe to assume it is the version 2019.5.0’s issue?

Yeah my Community version was automatically updated to 2019.5 today.
Unfortunately it got worse - seems breakpoints aren’t working for me in debug mode either, including “Break on Exception”. Going to try and figure out how to get back to 2019.4.2

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You can try this way: open the studio in the file explorer from the version you want. But I don’t have 2019.4.2 version either.


Ok, figured my issue(s) out - I need to restart the machine for the logging etc to start working so suggest you try that. Also, once I restarted I then had to renew my community licence which was easy enough. Working now!

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