Output DataTable Element

I have a DataTable all values have the type int32, and i need to output only one DataTable element.

i try: DataTable.Rows.Item(“Age”).ToString error: option strict on disallow implicit conversions from “String” to “integer”


Check below for your reference

Hope this helps you


@Arettu63 , Kindly share your workflow. I want to look deep into it as you are converting it to string and error is of integer.

Are you using the


in the assign activity?

if so just change the variable type to string

im use it in log message activity.
Column Age = 12

i finded solution: DataTable.Rows(0).Item(“Age”).ToString

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Do one thing store DataTable.Rows.Item(“Age”) in one variable called var.
And check its value while debugging. Is that giving value or not?
Then input that var.ToString.
Then let me know


Please see this example.


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