Convert to string variable

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How to convert data table variable into integer variable .
System.Data.DataTable to “integer”

Hi @vikumars1
do you want to change the elements inside a column in a data Table into integers or the whole data Table to integer ?

because this last one is not possible, but you can change a dataTable into a string so you can display it, and you can do this using output data Table activity

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In the excel sheet inside sheet1, i’m having A1 range value is 1 .

Then reading it using read range activity . After that am trying to pass that variable value inside one text box in an application .

Hi @vikumars1,

Assign the cell value to a variable then you can typecast as per your requirement.

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Could you please provide me a sample xaml for understanding


you can read the elements of datatable using before code

Datatable.rows(“row index”).item("column index or name).toString

Later you can use parse/tryparse to integer.