Converting Datarow Value into Integer

Hi Guys,

Someone please help me. How to convert a Row item into integer?

In the below image, i can able to read the values from my excel. But i can’t able to convert that item into integer value. Please help on this!

In Ouput locals panel - The age is showing as zero that was the issue!

0 is a valid number that can be converted to integer.

Hi @Salman_Faries

Try this way:

Age= Cint(CurrentRow(“Age”).ToString)

Hope it helps!!

That won’t work, you have to .ToString CurrentRow(“Age”) inside the CInt.

Hi @Salman_Faries

For me its working ,now you can try with this …!

Age =CInt(CurrentRow(“Age”))

Run it. It won’t give an error at design time, only run time.