Outlook send mail component
move mail to any folder
send from shared mailboxes
+fix relative paths

Package: OutlookActivities
Author: @tdhaene

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First, thank you for you work @tdhaene.

Can you provide an example or a script sample to send an email with a shared mailbox ?
I tried everything and I can’t make this work : always got the output line that says that the account does not exist.

Again, thank you.



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Indeed there was a bug in the latest version (v24).
I fixed it in v26
just enter in the from (user@provider.xx)



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Thank you very much for creating such a useful activity. I am using your activity for sending mail from the shared account. When I try to run this I get “Program is trying to access popup”. and when I am using parallel activity to handle it, it is not passing control. Are you using CodeActivity or AsyncCodeActivity?

Hi Bharat,

I’m using a codeAcitivy. That explains indeed the behavior.
I will modify it to an AsyncCodeActivity.

Hi Bharat,

I cannot replicate the issue,
Program is trying to access popup
but I found on the following site

that it is related to the Programmatic Access settings of outlook

I hope this solution will help you.

Hello !

I am trying to use the Get Outlook Mail Info activity but i don’t know what to write as Input.

In annotation , it is written that is should be like : mail@example.com\folder , but it does not work.

Can someone help me ?

Thank you !

Hi! did you get it?
I’m having the same doubt…