Outlook move mail


I want to move a mail after my treatment but after many test it’s doesn’t work.
I use Move Outlook Mail Message because i can"t have acces at my pop3/smtp adress.

In account i put my personal adress
MailMessage the current mail i want move
MailFolder the new Folder.

I try :

Boîte de réception/end
Boîte de réception\end
myemail/Boîte de réception/end
myemail\Boîte de réception\end

Every time i have the following message : The specified folder does not exist

Thank for you reply
Have a good day

Keep account field blank and make sure MailFolder property your passing new folder which in under you account not under Inbox(if under inbox then its Inbox\newFolder)

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@ddpadil WOW ! It’s only that !!! I found nothing in the doc and nothing says that do not put his email address

Thank you :wink:

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Hi ,

Is that possible to move “Drafts” outlook messages into some other folder using UiPath