Move E-Mail from first mailbox to second mailbox

Hello, everybody,

my task is as follows:
Pick up mail from mailbox 1 and move it to mailbox 2.

I use the activity “Get Outlook Mail Message” to pick up e-mails in the first mailbox.

I use the “Move Outlook Mail Message” activity to move the e-mails to mailbox 2.
In the Input Account property I have entered the e-mail address from mailbox 2, in the MailFolder property I have entered the name of the folder.

The whole thing works if I move the email inside mailbox 1. As soon as I try to move the emails to mailbox 2 I get the error message “Move Outlook Mail Message: The specified folder does not exist”. But the folders do exist.

This information may be helpful. The first mailbox is on premise and the second is in the cloud.

@kytyzow there might be issue with the way you are specifying the folder path .

Account: “name@company.ab”
MailFolder: “Inbox”

I do not want to go into a subfolder, but directly to the inbox.