Outlook Mail reading


I created Bot for reading mail for particular mailer but due to lot of mail from mailer I want to run two Bot on same mail id and same machine so the both Bot work simultaneously, but problem is when any unread mail from particular mailer come in inbox both bot will start work and any one bot stop. I want both bot will work simultaneously?

I think you can only run 1 Process per 1 Robot per 1 Windows Instance.

@vvaidya @Amol81 We have the concept of high density robots, where in multiple robots can be configured on same machine under multiple user. and the robots can be made to run the process simultaneously.
Please have a look at the link below for more details on high density robots.


1 Windows Instance meaning 1 User Login Session on a machine.

If you want to configure high density robots, you will have to purchase robot licenses individually for each user instance.

@Gourav_Kumar i tried to access the posted link which is not accessible. Would it be possible to give access or could you please post the information if it is possible.

Thanks in advance.

@Gourav_Kumar ,I’m also unable to open the link .it’s says I don’t have access to that link .