Outlook Mail Message || Is it possible to click on the email subject which is going to extract

As I have 3 email and one by one i am extracting the email data. So I want open the same email which is extracting?

Any solution ?

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May I know why we need to do so

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Happy New Year @Palaniyappan

Actually I am reading multiple emails. So I want to open the same email which email fields are scrapping and customer can be sure to see this, that correct email is going to extract.

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I suggest to use the flowchart, inside you can loop the number of times you want the same mail, and untick the MarkAsRead property in the proerties panel.
After your count, tick the MarkAsRead.

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I would say like it’s not needed buddy
If we want to ensure that we are reading the right mail we can make filteration
That is in while using GET OUTLOOK MAIL ACTIVITY we got an option called FILTER property with which we can ensure that we are reading right mail
Not only subject we can also make many filteration like to ensure that is done with exact mail

for Subject the condition will be like this in Filter property of Get Outlook mail activity
“[Subject] = ‘your subject’ “

Then for From
“[From] = ‘username’ “

“[SenderEmailAddress] = ‘xyz@mail.com’ “
Not mail it’s username which is different from mail address

Then for Body as it will be having a large text we can filter that with a IF condition with condition like this
item.Body.ToString.Contains(“your word”)

Cheers @AbhishekBist

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Thanks @Palaniyappan

Your above process is related to back end (developer end) and my concern is only related to front end (When script is in execution process) and we can see the extracted email that time.
Because this process can make more clarity about the execution to the customer/client.

I hope you understand my concern.

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But won’t that become a FRONT OFFICE ROBOT
Like ATTENDED robot

So I would like to know whether we need attended or unattended kind of robot
If it’s like unattended robot we won’t be able to see the email on screen foreground buddy

If it’s like BACK OFFICE ROBOT that is Unattended Robot then we can validate as mentioned above

Cheers @Dipanshu


You didn’t understand my query. When you have 100 unread email and you are extracting .During execution, I want to open the same email which is extracting.

@Palaniyappan: This process is for attended robot.

See when we use for each loop and run it till the read/unread email is available. We can only read subject and body. If 3 email count is there.
How we can click one by one in the outlook email?

Is it possible ?

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Awesome so being a attended bot it’s fine
Yah we can navigate across the fields with SEND HOT KEY activity with Appropriate short keys
Like for example to navigate down the mail list use down key in Send Hot Key Activity

For more details

Cheers @Dipanshu


SEND HOT KEY will only work if email is in sequence.
But in my case it is not in a list/sequence.

My concern is only that can we can click on the email which item.subject.tostring is showing
Because if I am reading only unread email messages through script

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We can search the mail with that subject na
With a normal click and type into activity we can enter the subject keyword in the search bar and then we can get the mail we want

Cheers @Dipanshu

I have tried but not getting my email in outlook searching.

Btw thanks @Palaniyappan

Can I have a screenshot of the search result if possible
Cheers @Dipanshu

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Now searching is working fine.
I added many conditions in the script and removed the space and made it according the email subject as bot is fetching.
Thanks everyone and @Palaniyappan
Now it is working.

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Cheers @Dipanshu

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