How to retrieve outlook email with specific subject?

Hi, I would like to find outlook emails with same pattern in subject but now exactly the same word, i guess i’ll need to have some wildcard added. Does someone know how to add it?

What I want to achieve is to find email with subject like “XXXXX approval required” and go into this email, read the email body and find the link, open the link in webpage and click “approval” button.

@xiangzhenhui - Please try this in the filter String

“@SQL=”“”" like ‘%Your Search String%’"

After you copy pasted, you have adjust the single quote and double quotes(straight single quote and straight double quote) as shown below or else you will get an error

Use Get Outlook Mail Messages activity. You will get the collection of Message Elements, then you can just iterate throught them and check if property .Subject contains what you need. Ofcourse to make it more efficiente use REGEX.IsMatch. While you have Message Element you will have access to other properties like, body, attachments etc.

Hi, yes I’m using Get Outlook Mail Messages activity and then a For Each activity to look through the emails; in the body of my for each loop I’m using If Else to set condition with email.subject.contains(“XXXXX approval required”). However, the actual email subject of “XXXXX” is a variable, so I could not get the correct email. Could you please share the workflow? Thanks for your help!

If t is your variable then check for : email.subject.contains(variableName + " approval required”)

Hi @rado, I got this issue solved, i just split the condition to 2 parts with an “AND”. But i have another problem now… I set a filter in Get Outlook Mail Message activity to look through all emails in 1 day time, but i found i have to have a number for “Top”, not sure if there’s way to eliminate this? I want to check all emails with in one day and identify those i need to open instead on top 15 emails in my inbox.