Extracting specific mail

I want to extract a specific mail searching according to the subject.
How should I proceed.
I want my robot to open the mail and then search for a specific subject in the inbox and download the file.
Please help walk through

specific mail??
like particular person email??

you can do this
Get mail Activity - and get output like this outEmails
For each loop - inside for each loop use if conditon like this outEmails.Subject.Contains(“yourSearchSubjectHere”)
then use Save Attachment activity in Then part

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Once go through with this, hopefully it will help you.

Get Outlook Mail Messages Filter Filter By Subject

Use for each activity to iterate each mail, then inside loop use save attachment activity to download an attachments to a particular location.

Cheers !

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Hey @Abad_Sid
You can mention the specific subject you want . Use “If Condition” activity.
and then use “Save attachment” activity.

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Hello abad,
Hope this helps,

can you send me xaml file for it.

Thanks all for the reply guys.

no problem!
here it is
cheers @Abad_Sid
Retrieve Email Info.xaml (6.9 KB)

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Thanks I will try it out

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sure Let me know !

there is an error in the if condition there is no subject. it is giving error

did you change the “yoursubject” string

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I get it now there is no error but it is no downloading the files from the subject.

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check if there is any files attached to that subject and check the folder path is right or not!

Files are not downloading.
What should I do?
path is right and there is data present in the mail
I am using outlook for this so I have changed the server
but still not working

okay gemme a minute ill send you the sample!

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I found out my mistake in mail message it was reading unread messages only

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