Need to send Screenshot in both Outlook/SMTP mail body at once


I need to send a screenshot in the email body. the problem is some of the recipients use outlook & some of them use webmail SMTP. I have developed a script to send screenshots in the Outlook email body. but webmail SMTP users are not able to see the screenshots, Kindly provide your suggestions to resolve this.

Hi @Nagabhushan_I_S ,
it depends on the mail-clients the SMTP-users are using. Which is this?
See for example:

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<img src=cid: sample.png></span>

Use this code and attach file with mail.

Hello Lakshay,

It’s not working.


To insert an image in a body you need to use the attribute/parameter IsBodyHTML and set it to TRUE. After that you need to write a HTML code that defines the Image Source and embed it into the HTML Code. Now pass this code as a String into the Email Body.

Please note that the image should be hosted on such a domain that is accessible to the receiver so that even he can view it.
Simple embedding will fail other wise.

In such cases, you can use Base64 image embedding.

Do you mind taking a screen shot of HTML and let’s see what is wrong.

Here since you are sharing the screenshots, my recommendation would be to send it as an attachment rather than in the body.

This is the code that i am using in my HTML

This worked for me… on mobile, web app and outlook all 3

@Lakshay_Verma Hey, is the image on the same system from which you are accessing the emails?


No, it’s not.
Idea here is to reference your image from attachment that’s why we use CID

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Oh, cool. Thanks :+1: :+1:

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  1. Send Outlook Mail Message Activity
  2. Outlook Version 2013
  3. IsBodyHtml is enabled
  4. used cid code too but not working
  5. screenshots are stored in a relative path
  6. attached screenshot path in attachments

As stated before you are missing =cid: in your image source
<img src=cid: ServiceAuditTrail.png>
And make sure you attach this file with Email i.e. ServiceAuditTrail.png