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¿How it could be possible to embed an image in the body of an e-mail?

I know i can attach it, but i would like to show it in the body.

This image is saved as a variable and i also have the path of the image.

Thank you.


Hi @deguiluz,

In this case, I would suggest you to create a HTML document in order to show this image in the email body and then you should check the IsBodyHtml option in the Send Outlook Mail Message activity.

Besides that, I would suggest you to upload your image into a free image online provider like imgur. If you have any doubts on how to create this HTML document, please check the following website:


Outlook image issue

Thanks for your reply.

So, it could be impossible to embed it without uploading it to a website?



Hi @deguiluz,

I’m not sure if it’s impossible because I didn’t test it with UIPath, but if you want to use an image that’s located in your machine you could try the following examples:

Please check if it works with UIPath and tell us because I’ve only tested it with images located on an image website provider.


It should work.

  1. Select isBodyHtml
  2. Create a html template for the body with Image path as variable(url).
  3. Use that template for the email body.


Hi @deguiluz,

Also check the example that I’ve already developed. It basically contains an artifact that receives the name of process that has occured an error and the exception message and concatenate those information with the HTML body.

Mail.zip (45.0 KB)

Send Html Email.xaml (112.2 KB)

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