Outlook Get Mail & Read Form Fields


I’m experimenting with using an Outlook form to send structured fields in a message to an inbox that will be read by a bot. I’ve successfully installed the form in the recipient’s Outlook and I can manually see the completed fields are arriving in the inbox.

I’ve set up a simple “Get Outlook Messages” bot with a for each Mail to read the messages, but I can’t find the argument that serves up the form details so that I could assign to a variable. I’m able to retrieve all standard message details like sender, subject, and body, but not the details embedded in the form. Has anyone cracked this?



Can you share few screen, what embedded details are you looking for?


Sure, thanks. In Outlook, you can design a form with dropdowns, open text fields, and other structured data that can be saved as a template for users.

I open a message, design the form, publish the form, and share it with users when they need to submit a request that I want a bot to handle.

Capture2 Capture3

In the image above, there are two sections of the message. The “Message” that contains all header and body info, and the “P.2” section that contains the structured data. No where in the variables can I find the fields: “Country”, “Type”, “Email Address”, etc.

Thanks for the help!

Did anyone found a resolution for this problem, I have the same issue.
I can not seem to transfer the data of the custom field to uipath as well.

No. But I was able to move the form elements to the main body of the message and saved it as a .fdm (form message), then use a macro to trigger the form. My robot reads the message body and I use simple array splits to isolate the inputs.

Ah ok, how did you manage to put the custom fields into the body field?
A bit off topic though, but i can not seem to find any explanations on this in other forums.

It was hacky, but I made the form in Word with the various fields, created a new message in Outlook, chose design a form in the message, pasted the form from Word into the body, clicked publish as (.fdm), and saved it. Then other I created a macro to open it with a quick access button.

Can you please share the Outlook new email form if you have? That would help me a lot @mwilma